Do you qualify as an entrepreneur?

People say that entrepreneurs are born, not made. That's not to say that someone who isn't a natural entrepreneur can't run a business, but it's a lot easier to do if you were blessed (or cursed) with the right traits. You're an entrepreneur if:

  • You have been getting into trouble since childhood because you always ask "Why?".
    If you can never seem to accept the status quo, you qualify.
  • You always have a better idea, even when you may be wrong.
    If the world around you can't seem to come up with the right solution, you qualify.
  • You can't leave well enough alone.
    If you're always fiddling with things that aren't broken, you qualify.
  • You like to do things for the sake of doing them.
    If you get a reward from the process itself, rather that just from the result, you qualify.
  • You read the instruction manual after the thing is assembled.
    If you can figure it out for yourself, even if you have to go back and fix it, you qualify.
  • You tend to get even, rather than get angry.
    If you leave your options open to come back and fight another day, you qualify.
  • You can't sleep because you're planning your activities for tomorrow.
    If you're preoccupied with anticipating your performance, you qualify.
  • You believe in the "white glove test" for everything you do.
    If you tend to be a perfectionist, you qualify.
  • Your reaction to utter defeat is to look in the mirror, accept it and move on.
    If you believe that losing is part of winning, you qualify.
  • You volunteer for things.
    If you can't resist making your local scout troop the best in the country, you qualify.
  • You're a good buyer of things.
    If you understand that understanding the process of buying is the key to understanding the process of selling, you qualify.
  • You're not afraid that any idea you have may be lousy, because you have ten more waiting in the wings.
    If you're not personally insulted when your solution is proven wrong, you qualify.
  • You work all kinds of crazy hours, because you want to.
    If your hobby is the same as your work, you qualify.
  • You have no patience for people who tell you why it won't work.
    If you know it will work, even though it may take forever, you qualify.
  • Sick days don't make sense to you.
    If you can't seem to understand how anyone can use a sick day as an excuse for not working, you qualify.
  • You'd rather have a percentage of the gross rather than a fixed salary.
    If you like the prospect of getting a lot, at the risk of getting a little, you qualify.
  • But mostly, if you're someone who sees opportunity every time the sun rises in the morning, and you greet each day as a test of how good you really are, you're lucky enough to call yourself an entrepreneur.

- Richard J. Sacks

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