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I have always felt that the world was a much simpler place than most people seemed to think it was. I was always the kid who observed, "The emperor has no clothes".

I grew up in Jackson Heights, New York. Right near LaGuardia Airport. I went to the public schools in my neighborhood and to Baruch College, City University of New York, where I earned a degree in Public Accountancy. I selected that major because the only person I knew who had any money was a CPA.

My mother, brother and sister and I lived in a four-room apartment on the sixth floor of an apartment house across the street from a city playground. We had a great ball field/roller hockey rink, covered in asphalt, which served as our main recreation area. Softball in the summer, hockey in the winter.

When I was eleven, my mother told me I was spending too much time hanging out on the street. She said I should learn to play a musical instrument so I was doing something constructive. I really didn't want to so I suggested the drums, because I was sure she would never tolerate them in an apartment. She called my bluff and I began taking lessons once a week. I still play regularly with our local symphony and community band.

When I was seventeen, I met the woman who would become my wife and the mother of our two children. My band was playing at a teen dance and she was there in a cat costume for some reason. We married the week I took my finals at Baruch.

I was not a great student, from the school's standpoint, but I learned a lot. I asked too many questions. I always wanted to know "why" and "what for" and "how does it relate to what we learned yesterday". I think most of my teachers thought I was difficult.

My career began as an internal auditor with a company that ranked about 160 something on Fortune's 500. I left the company six years later as Corporate Accounting Manager. During my stay I worked on a special project, for about two years, learning computer systems design and using that training to design and implement a new accounting system for the company.

Bev and I decided to follow an opportunity, so we packed up and moved to St. Louis. I had a chance to work with a team that was creating a new accounting system for a Fortune 50 company. My systems and methods seemed to be efficient because they were simple and direct.

My perspective on the world was reinforced as a result of the move to the Midwest. I spent almost thirty years living in the pressure cooker that is New York and now found myself in a world of limitless sky and private space. The world was, in fact, a much simpler place than most people seemed to think it was.

I started The Sacks Group in 1985 after working for four NYSE listed companies. I had worked my way up through the ranks finally reaching the chief financial officer's position. But I was still fighting the "simple is better battle" every day. While my peers seemed to want to make things as complicated as they could, I wanted to make things easier. I thought that fundamentals were the key to success; they seemed to think that fundamentals were for children.

The Sacks Group was founded to encourage and assist entrepreneurs to reach their life objectives through sound business planning and proven methods of financial management. We subscribe to the theory that the best route from point "A" to point "B" is the most direct route. The most difficult aspect of that theory is finding that route.

I hope you enjoy your stay.

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