What is TwelveCommandments.biz?
TwelveCommandments.biz…a safe haven for microbusinesses

If you own a microbusiness, life can be frenzied. Not only are you CEO, but overflowing toilets are also in your job assignment. The constant change in roles can be quite a challenge.

This website is a place for you to come for some peace. It’s a place designed specifically to provide you with the information and contacts you would like to have but have been unable to find elsewhere.

Browse through the content and find a place to hang out. We’re glad you found us!

Here is what you will see inside:

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  • Blog
    Editorial commentary by author Richard J. Sacks and others on topics relavant to today's circumstances and how they affect the microbusiness community.
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    Below is an example article titled "It's All In The Attitude" by Richard J. Sacks. Find more on the Blog or subscribe to the RSS feed!

    "It's mostly mental" any athlete will tell you. The physical contribution to success always takes a back seat to the mental contribution.

    How come we don't realize the same thing about business success?

    Failure is so often a self-fulfilling prophecy. If you approach things thinking you're going to get screwed you probably will. Or, more importantly, you will interpret things that happen to you through that filter.

    No one is out to get you in business. Frankly, no one cares enough about your business to be out to get you. Why should they expend the energy to single you out for punishment? Are you that important in the scheme of things?

    When they roll over you or ignore you or steal a sale from you, it's not all about YOU it's all about THEM. They are mowing down anyone in their path, without regard for you at all.

    So, there's no enemy out there. There are merely other people like yourself who are single-mindedly interested in their own successes even if they come at the cost of your failure.

    Don't be cynical and think that people are out to make your life more difficult. A cynical attitude leads to an "I told you so" attitude which leads to a false acceptance of the business community as a mean and nasty place. If you approach your business with that attitude, your perception of reality is flawed.

    "Mean" and "nasty" are emotions. The world of commerce has no emotions. It doesn't care, any more than a machine "cares". Your job, as a potentially successful business person, is to understand as much as you can about the sharp edges out there and to learn to avoid them.

    Your role is the same as a captain on a stormy sea: you must use whatever tools you've got to out maneuver something that will consume you.

    Learn as much as you can about the reality you face, believe in yourself and then face it head on.

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  • Ask Richard
    Use our "Ask Richard" section to get answers to your specific question. Your question! Directly from Richard J. Sacks!
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    This is a private channel, not a public forum. Often, microbusiness owners are simply afraid, or even embarassed, to ask the questions that are truly haunting them. Here is your chance to safely get the information you need!

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  • Knowledge Database
    Looking for information on micro-busnesses? Have a question about the best way to keep your business alive? Search our "Knowledge Database" for your answers!
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    Search our database of microbusiness articles by topic or key-phrase. We have hundreds of articles and frequently add new, carefully selected content. This is about quality, not quantity; we don't add redundant and superfluous articles. This is your access to carefully culled content for microbusinesses like yours.

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  • Microbusiness Marketplace®
    Microbusinesses should do business with other microbusinesses. Microbusiness Marketplace® is a searchable database created specifically to facilitate micro to micro commerce.
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    microbusiness marketplace

    Micros (and only micros) can list their product or service as available for sale. Since the database includes micros only, buyers (both locally and nationally) can find you without having to page through your larger competitors. Buyers can be anyone, individuals or other businesses. All listings are free of charge.

    Unlike other databases, Microbusiness Marketplace® captures and saves all buyer searches and continually matches them against seller listings. This greatly increases the odds of a match against a new seller listing that didn’t exist at the time of the buyer search.

    One interesting use of the database is for micros to search out other micros in the same business and pool their purchasing.

    We will announce the availability of Microbusiness Marketplace® in our January e-zine.

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  • EC Chatroom
    Lonely on a Saturday night? This is the wrong chatroom! The EC Chatroom is open on Mondays and Thursdays only. Log on and ask Dick Sacks your real world questions.
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    Anyone interested can join in and ask any business related question. Our chatroom is an important part of our microbusiness community. Remember all those meetings you used to hate before you started your own business. Funny how you can miss those meetings when you’re all alone in business!

    Here’s a chance to bounce ideas off Richard and your fellow entrepreneurs.

    Watch your Entrepreneur’s CornerTM e-zine for schedule announcements.

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Publications and Merchandise

  • XII Commandments for Small Business
    The Twelve Commandments for Small Business, A Practical Guide to Beating the Odds provides advice and counsel derived from author Richard J. Sacks’ years observing and participating in the day-to-day activities of small companies.
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    The Twelve Commandments for Small Business, A Practical Guide to Beating the Odds provides advice and counsel derived from author Richard J. Sacks’ years observing and participating in the day-to-day activities of small companies. Each chapter is titled after one of the commandments, where Sacks' advice maps out the basic essential rules for surviving and thriving in your entrepreneurial venture.

    A short sampling...

    • Thou shalt plan thy work and work thy plan
    • Thou shalt conserve cash
    • Thou shalt keep excellent records
    • Thou shalt balance thy life

    Perfect for time-strapped small business owners, this easy-to-read book offers real-world, no-nonsense advice about critical issues every business owner faces, including:

    • Planning for the short- and long-term goals of your business
    • Negotiating with customers and suppliers
    • Managing cash flow, employees, and time
    • Handling tax and legal obligations
    • Achieving real work-life balance
    • and much more

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  • A Guide to Practical Business Planning
    Trying to write a business plan but can't quite get started? Here’s the planning guide you've been looking for. It walks you through the business planning process in easy to understand steps that make common sense to people who don't do business plans everyday.
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    Practical Business Planning isolates the policy decisions you must make and the research you must do in order to bring your dream to reality. By the time you complete the included worksheets, you will have answered every question anyone can ask you about your vision.

    When you have too many pieces to your puzzle, this approach will help you to sort them out and create a roadmap for you to follow your own personal yellow brick road!

    Purchase workbookbook HERE.

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  • XII Mousepad
    The Twelve Commandments for Small BusinessTM is all about business fundamentals. If you follow all of them (there are actually thirteen) you will have achieved the discipline and best practices necessary to have a chance for success.
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    Why not have a convenient reminder near you at all times? Our mousepad allows you to do precisely that. It’s great for you to have and for your employees too. It can’t hurt for every computer user in your business to have a gentle reminder.

    None of us practice all of them all the time, but remembering the goal makes it easier to achieve!

    Purchase mousepad HERE.

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Educational Programs

  • The Matterhorn Project
    Why not take a highly motivated, life experienced human being and teach them to run a business? Not only does it create employment and commerce that benefits the business owner, but it creates jobs and commerce in the community. And that’s exactly what we need, to begin to turn around our local neighborhoods and to begin to create fluid local economies. Vacant commercial space has a chance at turning around, which means that developers and banks get a new lease (pun intended) on life and can begin to produce again. MATTERHORN is a project that does exactly that.
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  • Build a Business
    We face many difficult economic development issues in today’s communities. One that cannot go unnoticed is the proliferation of partially occupied strip centers. During the building boom, strip centers were built on spec waiting for the arrival of businesses that never materialized. Every neighborhood has them and, if we are going to get our economy to thrive again, we must address the issue.
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    The Build a Business program is designed to specifically address the issue of non-performing strip centers. There are three stakeholders involved: the developer, the bank and the prospective tenant. The program addresses the issues of all three players.

    Build a Business is a 24 month program that allows the developer to completely fill an empty or partially occupied center. Not only can he fill the center but he can fill it with the business mix that assures the best service to a particular community.

    Build a Business is a "boutique incubator". It recruits new microbusinesses, assigns them a business coach (available at any time), allows them to start up under the guidance of experts and to operate as a normal business (paying full rent) while they are serving what amounts to an internship program. They learn the disciplines and best practices necessary in order to succeed. They have available to them a panel of specialists in every field, to help them make the right choices, in order to avoid costly trial and error. Build a Business is most easily understood by comparing it to a franchise: the training and support of an excellent franchise without the royalties.

    Build a Business guarantees to the developer that the center, if filled completely with businesses in the program, will be 100% occupied for the first 24 months. When these businesses survive that long, they are well on their way to stability.

    The program assists banks by making poorly occupied strip centers a better risk. Because the center will cash flow, debt service payments are easier for the developer to make. By making a difficult strip center economically viable, the developer, the bank and the community benefit.

    For more information on the Build a Business program, please contact Richard Sacks at rjs@sacksgroup.com or call (636)949-9949.

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  • Owning a Business as a Second Career
    Jobs, jobs, jobs. It’s all about jobs. Not only are there not enough jobs to go around, but the problem is exacerbated by the baby boomer generation beginning to retire. There are 76,000,000 baby boomers all reaching retirement age over the next 20 years. And, they’re all retiring too early, because 65 is the new 55. In survey after survey, retiring baby boomers indicate that over 75% of them intend to keep working by either starting a new career or starting a business.
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    The number of people seeking employment will continue to grow. Encouraging boomers (most of whom do not need much encouragement) to start businesses has a twofold effect: not only does it employ the boomer, but it creates new jobs in the community.

    Owning a Business as a Second Career is a three day seminar that assists the boomer (and spouse) to fully comprehend how starting a business will affect their “retirement”. It is presented in three segments:

    • Educational:
      Based on the Twelve Commandments for Small BusinessTM this segment concentrates on the complexity and requirements of owning a business. It gives the participant an opportunity to understand what day-to-day life of a microbusiness owner is all about.
    • Financial Planning:
      A business will put a capital strain on retirement income. This segment concentrates on how to determine, based on existing resources, whether or not the boomer family can afford to allocate capital to a business and still be able to live out their retirement.
    • Estate Planning:
      A business may interfere with other legacy goals of the boomer family. This segment concentrates on how to protect the estate from the business and ensure that the proper documents and strategies are in place.

    This program is intended to enable boomers to make informed choices before they take the leap into entrepreneurship.

    For more information on the Owning a Business as a Second Career seminar, please contact Richard Sacks at rjs@sacksgroup.com or call (636)949-9949.

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  • Seminars
    Richard Sacks presents seminars of varying length, customized for your group.
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    Some of the seminars available are:

    • The Entrepreneur Test…so you want to be an entrepreneur!
    • Why do microbusinesses fail?
    • What is you stability quotient?
    • Owning a business as a second career.
    • Incubator Plus for your community.
    • Practical business planning.

    Got a topic important to your organization or community? Richard will develop a seminar to specifically fit whatever you are trying to accomplish.

    For more information on customized seminars, please contact Richard Sacks at rjs@sacksgroup.com or call (636)949-9949.

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